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About Traditional Art / Hobbyist KatieFemale/United States Group :iconelementwolvespack: ElementWolvesPack
Element wolves unite!!
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Fairy of Love by FluffyBunny21 Fairy of Love :iconfluffybunny21:FluffyBunny21 1 5
11 Things I Love About dA
11 Things I Love About dA
Being able to display my artwork.
Being able to have my artwork seen by so many different artists.
Being able to meet new artists and people.
Looking at thousands and thousands of different art styles and mediums.
Getting new inspirations for my own artwork.
Talking to people you can relate to in life and in art.
Being able to connect with friends.
The ability to join groups that you show interest in.
Finding things you like and having them for inspiration 24/7.
Getting messages on the newest stuff in the art world right away.
Being part of the website and the things that go on in it. :)
I love dA, and I am really glad that my friend introduced me to it, and that I have introduced it to others. It is an amazing website with amazing opportunities and a portal into the art world. I am on it almost every day, and enjoy every minute of it. I love meeting new artists, conversing with old and new friends, discovering new art, and having others see my art. I love it
:iconfluffybunny21:FluffyBunny21 1 2
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The Christmas of Life
My mother gave me my hair,
As lushes and log as a lion's main.
My mother gave me my eyes
As deep brown as a bay's hair.
My mother gave me my tiny feet
Much like a fairy's.
My mother gave me my nose,
My gratitude is enormous.
My farther gave me my freckles,
Which cover me from head toe.
My father helped me gain
My unique and loving personality.
My farther gave me my pack-rat habit
And the will to over come it.
My grandparents gave me baseball on t.v.
They gave me hours of good stories,
Countless laughs,
And priceless jokes.
They gave me the will to be brave.
My family gives me my strength,
And overwhelming love everyday.
The love may be unnoticeable at times
And the strength sometimes accidental,
But to me it's all the same.
My family is my life,
My world,
My joy.
Together they give me smiles
And an environment that makes me,
:iconfluffybunny21:FluffyBunny21 0 4
My heart gave
To the boy that day.
As I watched him slowly die,
For I was the one that had shot him
And had taken his life away.
I had taken his life
During that gruesome battle,
And for what?
The death of one of my piers.
Today I look back
And weep.
Weep for the ones that I lost,
Others lost,
We lost as a country together.
Today I look back
And question it all,
Wondering if any of it was actually worth it.
Today I look back
And remember,
The battles,
The blood,
The dead.
:iconfluffybunny21:FluffyBunny21 0 0
Dogs vs Snakes
Dogs are as playful as young children..
Snakes creep up like the robbers of the night.
The dog's bark is like a joyful melody
While the snake's hiss is like a dagger swiping the air.
Dogs are fluffy like your favorite blanket,
The snake like scaly dragon skin.
The dog's eyes are full and alive,
While the snake's are cold and distant.
The dog is like a favorite memory,
That seems to distract you from the now.
The dog pulls you from your darkest thoughts,
Like a dreamcatcher steeling away your nightmares.
The snake is like a haunting picture
That is embedded in your mind.
The snake is the ghost of the night,
The one that gives you your many frights.
They both survive and thrive,
The dog usually getting the easy pass,
While the snake takes the hardships.
Dogs may be cute and cuddly,
But snakes are my secret pride and joy.
:iconfluffybunny21:FluffyBunny21 0 39
  A whole new world,
   A different reality.
   A place for fun
   And imagination.
   A new fantasy
   Made by you
   And only you.
   A thought,
   A story
   Created by your own mind.
   A dream
   Is your safe place,
   A home for all of your secret thoughts
   And worlds.
   You make your dreams
   And your wildest thoughts
   Come to life.
   You make them real
   By dreaming
   And creating.
   A dream is your own
:iconfluffybunny21:FluffyBunny21 0 23
Emotions Are
Relaxation is green.
It smells like candles,
It taste like hot chocolate,
It sounds like calming ocean waves,
It looks like a field of wild flowers,
It feels like soft velvet.
Relaxation is your favorite blanket and book on a cold afternoon
Hatred is red.
It smells like burning toast,
It taste like sour milk,
It sounds like nails on a chalkboard,
It looks like an angry man,
It feels like thorns on a rose bush.
Hated is the most overwhelming emotion of rage.
Love is pink.
It smells like freshly baked cookies,
It taste like chocolates,
It sounds like a beautiful symphony,
It looks like a sunset,
It feels like a night by the fire.
Love is when you know you have something or someone you cannot live without.
Happiness is yellow.
It smells like a bouquet of daisies,
It taste like lemonade,
It sounds like birds chirping their melodious songs,
It looks like a painting bursting with vibrance,
It feels like a soft puppy.
Happiness is the simplest of good deeds by one of your piers.
:iconfluffybunny21:FluffyBunny21 0 2

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  • Listening to: TV
  • Reading: dA
  • Watching: TV
  • Playing: multiple games
  • Eating: pick up stix
  • Drinking: mountain dew has been a long time since I have been on :/ it feels like forever even though it has only been a couple months. But I have officially been a deviant for a year, yay!!! Well, anyway, I guess there is a whole lot I could update you on. One of my best friends becoming an, excuse my language for lack of better word, asshole. Me not getting into my school theater program, interviewing the producer of Pretty Women, going to Vegas for the first time for my birthday and seeing Phantom of the Opera, having tons and tons of artwork that I keep neglecting to put up, etc, etc, etc...
   Well I hope everyone is doing well and that you are all enjoying, well, your lives. Sorry it's been so long.


p.s I started eating gluten free, tougher than predicted


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I LOVE TO DRAW! duh haha
I absolutely can't get enough volleyball!
I love to write poetry.
I love the arts!
And I love my friends!

Current Residence: California
Favourite genre of music: Rap, HipHop, almost everything really
Favourite photographer: .....
Favourite style of art: I don't really favor any 1 specific style
MP3 player of choice: ipodtouch
Wallpaper of choice: Anime, pokemon, or favorite band..or pokemon
Favourite cartoon character: bugs bunny...I think


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